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The first indication hydrocarbons in the Bend Arch were shows of oil and gas in wells drilled for water during the mid to late 1800’s. Sporadic exploration of oil and gas took place following the Civil War. The first commercial oil accumulations were discovered in the early 1900’s, while drilling in the area reached a mature stage in the late 1960’s. The majority of commercially viable hydrocarbons produced were from Pennsylvanian age reservoirs, such as the Cisco, Canyon, Strawn, Wichita, Bend, and Marble Falls Groups.

The Bend Arch Trend approaching the Fort Worth Basin. The Bend Arch extends north from the Llano Uplift; it is a broad subsurface, north plunging, positive structure. The arch formed as a hingeline by down-warping of its eastern flank due to subsidence of the Fort Worth Basin during early stages of development of the Ouachita structural belt in the Late Mississippian, and west tilting in the late Paleozoic, which resulted in the formation of the Midland Basin.

The majority of hydrocarbon production in the Bend Arch area is from sandstone and carbonate reservoirs from the Mid- and Late Pennsylvanian Age rocks such as the Gunsight Sand, Strawn Sand, Caddo and Mississippi carbonate reservoirs. Oil production in the program area is characterized by oil accumulations in combined structural/stratigraphic traps in Pennsylvanian age quartz sandstone reservoirs. Sandstones of this type were deposited in a fluvial-deltaic environment and have complex geometries and topographies with depositional variations due to continual shale inter-bedding during development, thus creating a reservoir facies that interfingers with prodelta mudstone and shale beds which typically generate multiple productive horizons, predominantly within the Strawn section.


Name: Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin

First Shows of Oil & Gas: late 1800’s

Commercial Oil Accumulations Discovered: Early 1900’s

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History of the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin

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