Comstock Energy, LLC (Comstock) is a Texas based oil & gas development company with a primary focus in exploiting proven and underdeveloped shallow producing horizons located in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin area of North Central Texas. Comstock is currently directing operations and re-development of twenty producing and/or proven properties with over 1 million barrels of reserves.


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Industry Outlook

Oil and Gas consumption in the U.S. is expected to increase at a much higher rate as the American economy emerges from recession, thus drawing down surplus inventories and out pacing the available supply through 2030

Reduction in oil prices and increased inventories over the last two years has slowed the pace of exploration and production of new sources of oil and gas. As the world economy resumes growth and emerges from the world wide recession, so will the demand for crude oil and natural gas.


History of the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin

The first indication hydrocarbons in the Bend Arch were shows of oil and gas in wells drilled for water during the mid to late 1800’s.

Current Projects

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Mary Hoefle Lease, Jack Co., TX

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